Purushottam Agrawal, Founder & Principal Trustee, Samta Foundation, Mumbai 

Payal took a keen interest in the work of our Foundation. Her photographs really enhance and justify the work we do at Samta Foundation. Her inputs towards the website development were also very valuable. She managed to capture the foundation activities at Palghar, Nandurbar, Risod, and Akola at it's natural best. Everyone at our Foundation has greatly admired the quality of her work as a passionate photographer and communication advisor.

Payal  & Jimit, Mumbai, India 

As a 13-year-old girl, I always dreamt of a perfect wedding with all the details. Ever since I always wanted only Payal Kumar to capture my dream wedding. We go a long way back, I was actually named after her by my grandfather! My parents & my husband knew how much it meant to me & supported my choice. The pictures have turned out to be SO AMAZING & heart-touching! Team Sunshine Stories has gone way beyond our expectations to capture every little moment and emotion through photographs and film. 
The way Payal works individually & with her team is so efficient and commendable, They have done a fantastic job.
Payal Kumar & Team, just made my dream a reality & I couldn’t have asked for more.
Thank you so much ♥️

Aubrey & Roshan, Chicago, USA

Payal was an amazing photographer for our Indian wedding in Mumbai. She was very professional from the get-go and set up virtual calls with us to introduce us to her team. We were impressed with her professional approach, ability to work under pressure, and how she blended in seamlessly with the guests. She and her team were able to capture candid moments that we will cherish forever. We had many guests who commented on how great our photographer was and how she was able to capture their emotions in the photos. She provided the photographs well ahead of the projected timeline, allowing our families and friends to view them sooner. We highly recommend Payal to anyone looking for an experienced, professional, and creative photographer. She truly exceeded our expectations and made our special day even more memorable.

Thank you, Payal for capturing our special moments and for giving us memories that will last a lifetime

Shweta & Rahul,  Pune, India 

Wedding planning, as it is a very stressful affair, and having one during Covid times came with its own share of drama. I felt a relief wash over me after my first conversation with Payal. She just got it!

The laughter, the bloopers, the tears, and the precious moments; Payal captured the stories that my mind was elated to process. 

And what more, it felt like having a friend on board. She is full of ideas, happy to guide, and even goes out of her way, not only for the D day but before that. She takes out the time to get to know you, and that knowledge reflects in her work. Thank You, Payal for capturing the true essence and magic of our wedding.

Jennifer D'Souza, Dubai

   Thanks for being part of my milestone celebrations in January 2020. It feels like a lifetime ago as the world has changed since then. However, I am so happy that I got a chance to be with my loved ones in my soul city with you capturing the moments with your lens. Your partner production house who made the beautiful short film is something I watch almost every week. It was done very tastefully and once again picked on the emotions and sentiments of my close friend's words, the spirit, and the laughter at every step.

Considering most of our conversations were long distances and little time to prepare I was very happy with your talent to freeze my special moments in every frame! Thank you Payal.

Sneha & Praneet, Toronto, Canada

Payal and her team were amazing.  When we saw the pictures, we knew our decision to go with Payal as our Wedding Photographer was the right one. The way she was able to capture the best moments without interference was excellent. There were no awkward pauses, no holding still - Payal worked her magic seamlessly. The photos look amazing and we have received nothing but rave reviews from anyone who has seen them. She captured our expressions & key moments beautifully. We are truly blessed to have worked with Payal.

Pooja & Dhruv, Mumbai

Payal’s photography not only captured our hearts with beautiful pictures but also impressed us with her unwavering dedication and commitment to preserving our special moments. Her remarkable presence of mind and endurance are truly commendable. Even after a long day, she ensured capturing the perfect moments with congeniality and cooperation.

 M.V.S.Murthy ( MVS ), Mumbai

Thank You, Payal, for capturing almost all our milestones. The ones without your deft touch are those that happened before we knew each other. It’s a decade now. And your camera with your index finger has preserved so many memories for us. Our home, Adi’s functions, milestone birthdays, et. al. First on the venue and last off it, the clicks, the edits, and the compilation have made us appreciate the grace of the Divine.
The beauty of nuance is in what’s not seen, and we get to see that because of you.
I believe we are our memories and thank you for making them memorable.

 Milla Rae, Brand Communications Specialist & Author, India

Payal understands the power of personal branding and, more importantly, how to bring it to life with a photo shoot. She took my personality, my ambitions, and my lively toddler into consideration with all her guidance ahead of the shoot, and the results were an enjoyable shoot and some beautiful, versatile, on-brand photos. I can’t recommend her enough to help maximize the time, effort, and money that goes into a photo shoot, and to deliver you a full suite of personal branding images to elevate your communications

Bharti Athray, Souce Graphix Advertising, Partner, Mumbai 

Thank you, Payal for totally owning the shoot, pushing me to get out of my comfort, and encouraging me, quite literally, to wear my attitude. Thank you so much for your patience and the great portraits… the experience was totally professional and satisfying! Loved the looks you have achieved, I know I will be using these shots to shift into the next gear!

Dhaval Radia, Jeevana, Founder, Mumbai 

Payal has a gift to bring out the best of your personality, moods, and style through her lenses. She not only chisels out what is worth highlighting but also elegantly experiments with things that bring out the best in you. She's a thorough professional with a warm personality and a license to shoot :)

Nish Singh, Airline Captain /Actor, Chicago, USA

I would like to thank Payal and her associate for an amazing first-time Photoshoot for my upcoming project and portfolio. She made the 6-hour session seamless and totally fun. Also, her ability to find shoot locations relevant to the character was excellent. Her enthusiasm and willingness to accomplish the required lighting as well as characterization of my role was astonishing. Will definitely be utilizing her services in the near future. Very thankful.

Aparna Sundar, Sound Therapist, Mumbai 

This was my first time ever in a photoshoot, and I don't particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, however, Payal made me feel very comfortable. She really involves herself in the process, and her attention to detail is impeccable. She takes the time to truly understand what you need, and even takes into consideration your personality and gives a lot of meaningful inputs. It was a pleasure working with her, and needless to say, her photos are amazing!

Jinal & Rohan, Mumbai

Working with Payal was an absolute delight for both of us. We are thankful to Payal for accommodating our last-minute request to shoot candids at our wedding in spite of her being unwell. Payal goes the extra mile to get that one perfect shot! The pictures are lovely and a lifetime memory for us. Looking forward to working again with you someday to create more beautiful memories!


Suruchi & Sandeep, UK

Wedding... big deal isn't it! No matter how well ahead of time you plan things.... it all goes by in a flash and for the rest of our life we hold on to memories. For me and Sandy, Payal's work is a gift for life. Easily missable moments, hidden smiles, subconscious reactions, admiration, and most of all the love our friends and family had for us, was all captured in Payal's lenses. She didn't miss anything, anyone! Every time I go back to those images, it's like I relive those moments .. not because of the faces in the photos, but because of the emotions captured by Payal. I personally think that a photographer always leaves his style and his personality in the photos he/she takes. When I looked at Payal's work, what she left in her captures was her investment in the emotions of the photographed..... which gave me a glimpse of Payal's personality. All I needed to do was trust her... and she just made it so easy. Little that I know I would also get a friend for life :) I will jump at every opportunity to thank you Payal... because simply put you are bloody good at what you do and you made one of the most treasured day of my life unforgettable!

Minaxi & Vivek, Mumbai

Ours was a North Indian- South Indian marriage and Payal caught the fun elements of both families. She was super easy to work with and quickly became a part of the brigade. Her not-so-subtle nudge to the shy family/friends to join in the festivities, helped her to catch the candid moments beautifully!
We discovered Payal through our online search, and the work she had done looked stunning. Once we got talking with her, it was clear that she was going to make a camera-conscious couple look spectacular.
Both Vivek and I loved the emotions captured by her. She truly made our special day extra memorable!

Devika & Arnav, New Delhi 

Being a person who just can’t stand and pose, it often made me freak out how my wedding album would be curated. Having Payal Kumar & her team at my wedding was truly a blessing in disguise. From making us comfortable with the camera to capture the best wedding moments of us & our families/friends, she made it all happen like a cakewalk. Her niche, capturing real emotions & moments is something that's really commendable.


Namrata Rajgarhia, 2 Fat Ladies, Wedding Planner, Mumbai

Being a wedding planner, for me, a Photographer is the most important part of the wedding. I am always heavily invested in the choice of a photographer since the photographs are all that remain after the wedding is over. The photographer is also someone who works v closely with the bride, groom and the family.

Payal Kumar is one of the few photographers I have worked with on multiple projects and always recommend her to all my clients.

It's difficult to know when she stops being a photographer and becomes part of the family. However, that does not stop her from noticing and capturing moments and expressions which become timeless memories of life.


Alka Thomas, Talent Manager, Bestseller Retail India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai 

Working with Payal has been a pleasure. Not just her expertise in photography, but would want to appreciate the efforts taken by her to understand the subject in depth (in this case mobile photography related to visual merchandising) was remarkable. Her facilitation & feedback skills are also on-point..!

Not everyone who is an expert at a subject is able to translate it well as a trainer. She sure has a bright career ahead not just as a photographer but also as a facilitator.

Wishing her the very best

Purnota Bahl, Founder & CEO, Cuddles Foundation, Mumbai 

   Payal's dedication and devotion to her craft is very inspiring. She dives straight into a project, takes the initiative to find the stories and goes beyond the brief to bring these stories to life. We loved how she was able to become friends with our whole team on our 3 day Team Offsite project in Goa with her.


Sonam Shah, Pre School Coordinator, Garodia's Academy, Mumbai 

Every time I look at the beautiful photos, it reminds me of those special moments we had with kids and the staff during our photoshoot shoot with Payal. The entire experience from start to finish was fun! The results from the shoot were stunning. The pictures captured of children are so amazing that any parent would treasure the image forever!!! Kudos to you, Payal!! 

Abhishi & Abhay , Mumbai 

Payal helped us with our pre-wedding shoot. Going into the shoot, we had lots of questions and reservations as we had never been photographed professionally. Payal painstakingly planned the shoot, led multiple recces, and made sure we had the perfect outfits for the occasion. The highlight for us was how comfortable she made us feel with each other during the photo shoot. Eventually, the photographs that came through post-editing were beautiful. We never realized we could look this good:)

Thank you Payal and her team for the entire experience. 


                                                                             Shruti Goradia, Founder, Studio Anai, USA

Less is more is the stylistic approach Payal took to capture the essence of my fashion jewelry brand. But when it came to dedication, hard work, and resourcefulness it was more is more. She went above and beyond for our jewelry photoshoot and delivered a fantastic Indo-US campaign. Looking forward to many more campaigns with her.  



Richa Agrawal, Managing Trustee, Samta Foundation, Mumbai 

           Payal really put heart and soul into making the film for my First Solo Art show - “ Palghar Perspectives,”

 She captured the essence of me as an artist and Palghar- the place in its simplicity and beauty.   The whole creative package she put together with her co-partner teams, right from packaging, invites, brochure, video, photography, all communication elements were all beautifully synched and creatively flawless.

Thank you, Payal for everything. 

Anand Sivakumaran, Author, Screenwriter, Director - Croc Tales 

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. That's even more true when it's one clicked by Payal. Because Payal's pictures don't just look good, they talk to the heart and soul, evoking emotions, telling stories. And that's what pictures are meant to do, whether the cover of a book or a portrait, make the viewer feel something, strongly. Cause only when one feels, does one buy, or desire a meeting or anything else. Payal goes beyond the obvious, pulls out something deep, makes the person, their emotions, their story come alive. And that is rare and very special. 

It also helps that she's incredibly fun to work with, very hardworking, and won't let up till she gets the shot she wants. Amazing experience working with her and I hope I get to many more times.

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology, Mumbai

When media and your PR team keeps pestering you for a good photograph while you have really have no idea of what good photographs mean, you have to pick the best photographer for the job. This is exactly what happened with me. Payal Kumar, the artist was able to do just the right thing.The art of giving a different look to you is entrusted to few people and you feel ecstatic when you see a different side of you through the eyes of an artist... 
Thanks Payal Kumar for this unseen me!



Anita Golani, Founder of Anitas Aromatics & iORA India, Mumbai 

I recently got a media portrait shoot done by Payal, She gets completely involved in the project, in terms of the look, feel the final desired outcome. She is such a perfectionist and creates an impact with her pictures. She literally makes you fall in love with yourself. More power to you Payal… continues to rise higher. 

  S. Swaminathan, Co-founder, and CEO, Hansa Cequity, Mumbai

I had the opportunity to have Payal shoot me for a corporate portfolio. She was absolutely brilliant and I was very impressed with her sense of detailing - right from the location, the expectation that I had, laying out the kind of quality and range of shots that I can expect, the outfits that I need to be ready with before the shoot etc. She has a great sense of design and aesthetics. She did both indoor and outdoor shots. Some of the shots she captured me with natural light were quite stunning and amazing. She was collaborative, patient and a keen observer during the shoot. I wish her very best in her professional career and do look forward to working with her on many more of our corporate assignments.


Sapna Patil, Design August, Mumbai

Our design agency has worked with Payal for multiple corporate shoots and portrait photography. Our collaborations with her generate excellent work because she is open to experimenting and captures the essence of what each brand requires, precisely. She understands how to capture people and their personalities. Payal is a team player and brings in great enthusiasm to the table. She is thorough with her work and committed to deadlines. Once she is on-board, she makes sure everything connected to the shoot is managed. Working with her is always a pleasure and we look forward to more collaborations in future


Nakul A Kumar, Partner, The Bombay Bronx, Mumbai

Team Payal Kumar Photography, in simple words Fab Fab Fab! We did a Food photography shoot for my bar & restaurant, The Bombay Bronx back in 2014 and got really nice pictures. Payal went out of her way to give more pictures than earlier committed. When we changed the interiors and the food menu in 2018 we again reached out to her and got more than we expected.

Do go ahead and try her out and you won't be disappointed.


Amrita Yennemadi, Yoga Practitioner, Mumbai

Working with Payal on my Yoga shoot has been an enriching journey. Her vision as a photographer is really commendable and her hard work behind the camera is truly inspiring!She has keen attention to detail in all her shoots and it’s really what makes the BIG difference. If you are looking for a refreshing change from your regular photoshoots Payal is definitely the one to reach out too.


Prateek & Priyanka, Mumbai

Payal has become a good friend for us. She did the pre-wedding photo shoot for us. Payal is a very good person and an amazing photographer. We thoroughly enjoyed it because she made the entire session very comfortable. She spent time understanding and making us realise what we are looking for. She is brilliant at this and probably that is the secret of her expertise in wedding photo shoots. Of course she is skilled and the amazing pictures are testimony to it. Over all it was an amazing experience working with her. 


Debu Purkayastha, Founder Rubber Stamp, Mumbai

Payal is an eager photographer with a keen eye for moments and it was nice to have her shoot for an assignment for me. The school project was to shoot kids without them being conscious of a photographer being around, Payal managed that beautifully and the kids gave us some really cool candid images. This is a good quality to have for a photographer to be able to make their subject absolutely be at ease and naturally give you pictures. I would highly recommend Payal for pictures that have soul!


Anubha Sharma, Founder Angel Xpress Foundation, Mumbai

Payal Kumar has done photoshoots as well as films for Angel Xpress Foundation numerous times, our corporate brochures, write ups as well as our website all are supported by her pictures. She goes way beyond professionalism by becoming personally invested in every project in order to give it soul and personality. Its fun working with her and her product is excellent 


Sarbajit Sarbajan, National Creative Director at Quasar - Group M, Delhi

If I have to choose one word to describe Payal, it would surely be 'Beautiful' cos only a person with a beautiful heart can create such beautiful imagery. She is a thorough self made and self taught woman who took a lot of risks to follow her heart and I am so glad she did so. Payal's work has a unique simplicity which is very attractive. Her frames have a distinctive character quite like herself which is hard to miss. I have witnessed her working style and she is always ready to go that extra mile to create moments that one can cherish forever. Qualities like these has helped her to create a niche for herself in this field in such a short time. As her work get noticed and appreciated worldwide I wish all the success for the future. So guys if want your moments to be affairs of a lifetime...you know where to lock your focus .

Vineeta Nair, Founder/Designer at Artnlight, Mumbai

Payal shoots with her heart. Its not about just getting it technically right. To be at the right moment, at the right time and to capture the moment in all its power and in all its emotion is her forte. And she will do this without being in anyone's face. The other strength of having a photographer like Payal onboard is that you will never feel a stranger is shooting the event. She has a way of making instant and authentic connections with people, this happens because she is extremely genuine. And the only interest in her heart is to give you brilliant results along with all parties having a great time of it. People are Payal's greatest love and strength and this comes through brilliantly in her pictures. You will have an album chock-a-bloc with the most beautiful moments and emotions captured MAGICALLY. And you will be amazed at how good she makes you look. Thats because she sees you like that.


Shilpa & Paras, Mumbai

The one thing that a bride wants is her pre wed shoot and wedding picture come out outstanding.... Well I am one of the lucky ones :) Thanks to Payal Kumar, a person with a loving heart and the one who has an eye for detailing... I had the most memorable pre Wed shoot in Jan 2016. Paras my husband and myself have such wonderful memories of our pre Wed shoot... Thanks to Payal... cherry on the cake was our picture winning an award for Payal. If anyone wants to have a fantastic memorable pictorial reference Payal Kumar is the person. Hands down... Book her in advance and you won't regret... :) Thank you Payal for being part of our beautiful journey... Hope to have many more with you.


Vipul Asija, Creative Head, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, New Delhi

Photography is a beautiful art and a photographer , a beautiful artist! This stands true in Payal's case. She's a beautiful person inside out. She goes out of the way for clients to achieve desired vision. Every emotion is captured so aesthetically, even if you see those pictures but after a decade, you feel transported in that event feeling it yet again. Every picture speaks million words. If you want to compliment her, words don't do justice. Hire her! 


Shalini and Yusuf , Toronto, Canada

Payal is "All Things Nice". I was looking for a wedding photographer and found a friend in her. She went above and beyond her call of duty-- right from finding me the best mehandi artist to being my pillar of strength when I was down with fever on the wedding day. She's a blessing. As a bride, you miss your own wedding but Payal made sure that each moment was captured to be cherished forever. She's a magician with the camera. Her clicks are not just photographs but moments full of life and emotion.


Gunjan Pai, Founder, Copy-Love , Mumbai

Payal is a keen observer of life itself. Her true ability lies in identifying spontaneous moods, fleeting moments, and a range of changing emotions and interactions between people. That's what makes her stand out as a photographer. She brings her own colours and perspective to the shots she captures, making them unique and so special. She has clicked for my son's first birthday and several other life moments, and her pix are cherished always. I recommend her and wish her the best always


Payal & Rishabh, Lucknow

My husband and I wanted to get a pre wedding shoot and my search ended as soon as I saw Payal's work. I knew she would be the perfect to capture our images. I am a bit camera conscious but Payal made sure that we both were most comfortable and in our element during the shoot. She managed to create a perfect environment, with perfectly blended colour tones and got really amazing pics. Even though we met her for the first time during the shoot, her friendliness and charm made us ease around her.
The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots. Thank you so much Payal for all the efforts you put in to get those amazing shots. I would highly recommend her to everyone and would not ever think even once before working with her again.


Rashmi & Aditya, Mumbai

2016 was an extraordinary year. I relocated from Hong Kong to Mumbai alone. The monsoons were in full form in Mumbai and I had to interview people for my team, settle into a new office, be introduced to new colleagues and mentally prepare myself for the woeful road and terrible traffic snarls. Oh and I forgot to add, I had less than 3 months to plan my wedding. My fiancé  and I planned everything-venue, transportation, catering et. I paid careful attention to everything and didn’t want to cut corners on things that mattered the most. Photographer was one such department. I didn’t want the staged fun, relatives jostling for space on a constructed stage while I smile under the harsh lights in high heels and a ton of makeup. To make matters worse, my husband hates photos, is not on social media and will never pose willingly for any picture. This has led to many fights between us and after 3.5 years of marriage and a baby we’ve found our peace.

To rewind, I  did a fair bit of research on photographers and when I came across Payal, it was a pleasant surprise. Payal and I worked together briefly at an ad agency. I wrote to her as an old friend and that’s when I learned that she quit her advertising job to pursue her passion. To top it all, she lives in Juhu which is where I’m staying and I thought this was a sign from god. My husband and Payal got along and bonded over advertising and she didn’t feel like an intruder on our special day, more like an old friend. She captured all the special moments so beautifully. I’m grateful to her for capturing the nicest, heart-warming, fun and beautiful moments. Memories that adorn my walls- both physical and social and will be cherished forever.

Thank you Payal.


Suhana Bhatia, Founder, Write and light, Mumbai

I've been an admirer of Payal's photography since she's started her journey. Have seen an incredible collection over the years. What is beautiful is the soul she puts into her images, and the little glimpses and moments she manages to somehow capture for eternity.


Rachna Jhunjhunwala, Program director, Iken Scientifica and Hands-On Science Workshops

'Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you" This is exactly what Payal does . her commitment ,her dedication & her passion speaks through her work. Not only has she created memories for many close events but she has also mentored my son in her photography workshop in a friendly interactive manner. Super work Payal. Keep it up !

Yasmeen & Sidhak, Chandigarh

Payal was definitely more than a wedding photographer. She captured the essence of our wedding so beautifully, we’ll forever be thankful to her. She’s incredible to work with and is absolutely fuss free!


Jeetendra Bhandari, Partner,MGB,Mumbai

I can never forget the photos which Payal clicked for us, our first Family album which we will cherish forever, kids were young and we had a blast. It all started when Payal had casually mentioned to me that she was doing candid family portraits too and I thought why not do an album for my family.

Even today when we go through the photos, we relive the memories we cherish.